Accencio products and services combine to provide end-to-end facilitation of existing and future IP value identification and realization process. Accessed through our AccencioView™ platform, our IP-FolioView™, IP-GeoScape™, IP-Kinship™ and IP-CompView™ products and related deep dive analyses help turn unstructured data into actionable IP strategy.



IP-FolioView™ is an algorithmic scoring-based analysis of a sub-set or entire IP portfolio designed to clearly visualize the licensing potential of the portfolio and develop an overall IP hierarchy for licensing. It is often used as a starting point when beginning the process of better understanding the value of a given IP portfolio.

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IP-GeoScape™ is a algorithmic visualization of IP space surrounding a particular target that allows for the evaluation and presentation of disparate complex data in an easy to understand and interrogate way to guide R&D and IP efforts, and also quickly facilitate an in-depth understanding of potential strategic licensing opportunities.

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IP-Kinship™ is an algorithmic scoring-based analysis of non-composition of matter IP to guide R&D and IP efforts.  It provides natural-language-processing based analytics to identify potential partnering, licensing, life cycle enhancement, and other opportunities associated with non-molecular (formulation, packaging, synthesis etc.) related intellectual property.



IP-CompView™  is a competitive analysis designed to clearly visualize the companies, targets, indications and technologies currently the subject of intellectual property in a particular area of interest. It provides a clear picture of the IP based activity in a given area over time.

The AccencioView™ subscriber platform has the only IP intelligence and value identification solutions on the market based upon how claims are written.  Accencio goes deeper than other solutions currently available – using our unique mathematical approach to deliver the most granular actionable intelligence possible to our clients, through proprietary algorithm-based analysis of both published and unpublished IP at the individual claims and molecule level, rather than just the patent level.