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Accencio is a technology company driving innovation at the nexus of information and design. Our cloud-based, subscription products provide fully visualized, data-rich interactive landscapes which accelerate and enhance research, discovery and commercialization across multiple science-based industries, and beyond.


Kevin Brown

Co-founder, Executive Leader

Kevin Brown (JD, MBA) is a co-founder and the executive leader of Accencio. He began his career in the biopharmaceutical industry as a medicinal chemist synthesizing small molecules for drug discovery, followed by some time working in process chemistry research and reaction scouting.

In 2008, his legal and business knowledge resulted in a transition to support patent prosecution and competitive intelligence activities. In this new capacity, Kevin led the design and implementation of novel informatics-driven patent filing and prosecution strategy systems which were directly responsible for various prosecutorial insights, cost savings and measurable gains in efficiency. Over time, Kevin’s mission to use these insights and skills to make a difference inspired him to set up an independent company - and so he joined with Kevin Brogle to found Accencio in May 2017.

As the strategic visionary for Accencio, Kevin is an evangelist for identifying the wide-ranging potential of Accencio and its tools and products and is dedicated to helping clients to “see IP differently”- as a vital strategic value driver.

Kevin Brogle

Co-founder, Scientific Leader

Kevin Brogle (Ph.D.) is a co-founder and the scientific leader of Accencio and is responsible for the creation of the Accencio landscaping technology. With almost 30 years in the biopharma industry, Kevin gained broad experience while holding a number of different positions.

Beginning in non-clinical development, Kevin worked as an analytical chemist on both solid-oral and parenteral dosage forms where he first developed his interest in data mining and analytics. This interest led Kevin to join the same Discovery Research where he gained experience in computer modeling, bioinformatics and project team leadership while helping to build this department. Kevin received his Ph.D. in computational chemistry, focusing his research on the application of statistical data mining to biopharmaceutical discovery research.

All the while, Kevin maintained his interest and expertise in data mining and analytics by developing tools to aid the productivity and efficiency of research scientists, team leaders and management - including the system for the visualization and interactive assessment of intellectual property landscapes which forms the backbone of Accencio technology today.

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