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IP-GeoScape is a visual landscape of the molecular IP space representing any given chemical area.

  • IP-GeoScape reveals multi-dimensional relationships between molecules within target areas of interest, showing you what was, what is and what could be.
  • Empower your researchers to make more innovative, strategic decisions so you can move more proactively across R&D, patenting and licensing.
  • IP-GeoScape enables you to understand the competition and their activity by visually representing relevant molecules from your target area of interest. It also reveals the unoccupied molecular spaces that are ripe for innovation.
  • By providing context of bioactivity and other key data alongside IP and FTO considerations, you save time and can stay focused on design.
Watch how DesignView helps you find your place in the competitive landscape.

Put your molecules in the mix.

Watch how IP-GeoScape helps you find your place in the competitive landscape and uncovers the gaps in molecular IP space ready for innovation.

Who Uses IP-GeoScape?

Research & Development


Medicinal Chemists, Computational Chemists, Antibody Engineers

  • New molecule discovery: smartly design molecules that fall within areas not currently being explored through analysis of the occupied and unoccupied IP spaces.
  • Re-targeting: discover new potential uses for existing compounds by revealing structure-based relationships with molecules patented for other targets.
  • Scaffold-hop: start with a known active molecule, then modify core molecular structures to discover novel molecules.
Business Development & Licensing

Research Support Teams

Patent Information Specialists, Attorneys, Business Development & Licensing

  • Patent prosecution: better understand the relevant IP space to improve intellectual property protection strategies.
  • Freedom to operate: showing levels of (or lack of) commonality between unpublished molecules in development and already patented compounds can help make FTO work more efficient.
  • Competitive trend analysis: see where others have been and are working in the IP space, and identify commonality at the substructure level to reveal opportunities.

Visualize the molecular landscape with IP-GeoScape®


Understand the competition

View the entire molecular landscape for any biological target to identify where competitors are particularly active


See where you fit

Quickly spot the unoccupied IP space, then visualize your own work in the molecular landscape with DesignView

Layered Data

Build your strategy

Layer on data to reveal relationships, answer key strategic questions, and determine your next move.

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