capsule shows 3d molecule as medical concept

Unlocking the value of your IP

Millions of dollars are invested every year in the development of IP which has potential value but produces no return. There has been no established, standardized method to fully realize this value- until now…¬†The Accencio mission is to show that IP intelligence is a key value driver at every stage of the molecule and product creation and management process, from idea generation through to product development, commercialization and life cycle management.

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Double exposure of scientist doctor hand holds virtual molecular structure in the lab as concept

Finding the opportunities

Accencio technology and methodology curates disparate IP information and evaluates strategic direction revealing previously hidden monetizable licensing opportunities and options for new, profitable products and partnerships.

Our Products & Services
Processing Technology  series. Interplay of computer chip and fractal elements on the subject of central processing unit, computing and information technology

Next generation IP technology

Our unique approach analyzes IP at the individual claims level, applies internal algorithms to aggregated data against the claims, and produces dynamic web-based visualizations- revealing the previously undiscovered potential value.

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Unique IP Database

Global living IP repository of published and unpublished data

Deep Dive Analysis

Analyse at the patent claims, molecular structure and application level;, identifying overlapping and similar claims

Multi-dimensional metrics

Dynamic visualisation of multi-dimensional relationships- more decision making metrics

Clear, easy access

Access data and reports via our web based portal and applications

The right product

Find new product opportunities and extend the high value life of existing products

The right partners

The only solution on the market that delivers full actionable information for partnering in the molecular space