Global data through an IP lens

Visualized intellectual property strategy and intelligence for molecular-based industry and research

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Data through an IP lens

Millions of dollars are invested every year in the development of IP which has potential value but produces no return. Our easy-to-use, understand, and share visual products and expert consulting services provide a new way of accessing the powerful intelligence and support needed to identify and realize this value.

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We Help

Molecular-based industries and research organizations better answer key business questions faster and more cost-effectively.


  • Creating new, viable molecules and products.
  • Looking for unoccupied IP space to focus development efforts.
  • Finding new potential uses for existing compounds.

Business Development & Licensing

  • Looking for the best, hard-to-find deal and partner opportunities.
  • Seeking a clearer view of what competitors are doing.
  • Needing to better understand the global IP landscape.


  • Evaluating novelty, patentability and claims strength.
  • Seeking better ways of communicating key findings with clients.
  • Looking to focus time and resources better.

Finding target-relevant candidates faster

Analysis using a data-rich IP intelligence lens can help find, design or retarget more commercially viable development candidates faster - revealing the unoccupied IP space, filtering out commercial non-starters earlier and “getting to no” sooner.

Discover IP-GeoScape™ analysis

Next generation IP technology

We offer unique, interactive visualizations and analysis to our customers via our AccencioView™ innovation platform - replacing long hours with unwieldy documents and spreadsheets with easy-to-understand and share intelligence.

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We Offer

Unique IP Database

Global living repository of targeted IP and other relevant data

Clear, easy access

Interactive visualized data and analysis via our AccencioView™ innovation platform

Full customization

Additional relevant public and/or private data layers to address specific questions

Deep Dive Analysis

Analysis at the molecular structure, patent claims and application level

IP Strategy Consulting

Support to further contextualize, prioritize and better respond to identified opportunities and threats

Partner engagement support

Reach out, negotiation and agreement support to achieve the best outcome